Friday, May 11, 2012

Wedding Registry Do's and Don'ts

Registering for your wedding can be as stressful as planning your wedding!  So how do you make registering for your wedding fun?  Take a look at my Rabido's and Rabidon't for a bit of fun and guidance!

  • Always accommodate your guests' budgets by registering for items in different price points.
  • Three is usually the magic number, but there is no limit to how many stores you can register at.
  • Do your research and choose items that you really see yourself using such as sheets, towels, kitchen utensils.  Stocking up on these items can be a huge financial help over the first few years of marriage, especially if you're on budget.
  • On-line registries are a great way to go…Chances are your guests will thank you for making it easy peasy!
  • Set up a personal wedding site where you can inform guests about your registries and give specific instructions regarding where to send gifts/cards.
  • Make a list of things you need (not want) and bring the list with you when you register.  Remember, you can always go back and register for more.
  • Use a little restraint with that futuristic electric "gun", there's nothing worse than getting register happy and then having to go back and rework the entire list!

  • Don’t take your parents or anyone else with you the first time you register.  This is your wedding and your home.  Trust m,e their influences will cause you to reregister multiple times or return everything you got.
  • Don’t ignore what you really love. If you love your patio, register for items such as a grill and patio set. There is no limit!
  • Don’t do it alone, get your spouse involved…trust me they LOVE the "gun".
  • Don’t say no gifts. Guests want to contribute to your future; setting up a charity account at your favorite organization is a great alternative.
  • Don’t wait until the month before your wedding to register. Give guests time to browse and give yourself time to edit the lists. 
 Until next time,