Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Arrive in Style!

While planning weddings, there are so many details that you have to think about, including transportation. Many people often think that transportation is something that you don’t have to arrange, especially here in New York City. Just because New York City has taxis almost everywhere you go, it does not mean that you will arrive on time, or in style. Think about this…how many times have you gotten into a smelly taxi that has leftover trash or gum stuck to the seat? The last thing that you want to do in your gorgeous wedding gown is sit in gum or have spilled soda  on the dirty taxi floor soak into your cathedral length veil. Although arranging your own transportation, such as a town car or limo, will be more expensive than taking a taxi, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. 
Photo Courtesy of Cialone Photography
But, you do need to be careful and lookout for things such as time minimums or fees for multiple stops. Whether your wedding is around the block or on the opposite side of town, do yourself a favor and arrange proper transportation. I promise, you won’t be sorry! Another thing to think about is transportation at the end of the night. I highly recommend using the town car or limo to take you from the wedding to your final destination, whether it is your home or hotel. Also, don’t forget about mom and dad! You don’t want to leave them standing on the street corner trying to hail a cab during the late hours of the night! Have transportation arranged for them as well. This kind gesture won’t go unnoticed!


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