Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guest Blogger - Jes Gordon!

I am so excited to share with you our guest blogger this week, the amazing and talented Jes Gordon! Be sure to checkout her website after reading this post! 


Here at jesGORDON/properFUN, we love coming up with new ways to make people “ooh!” and “ahh!” A great focal point can add depth and dimension to everyday events and give it that WOW factor. It can set your event apart from the rest while giving your guests something to converse about. Modern technology makes it easy to achieve stunning focal points and opens the door to unlimited opportunities for creating the WOW factor.

1) Soft light is an important component to any event. It has the ability to make people feel relaxed on the inside while looking beautiful on the outside. Who wouldn’t want that? Glowing orbs can be programmed to glow in six different colors, giving you the opportunity to enhance the feel you are trying to create. Flame tones, such as ambers, reds, pinks, and lavenders, are great for social gatherings as they are complimentary and help people look and feel more attractive. Cooler tones, like blues and greens, are great for product launches and highlighting inanimate objects. The number of possible uses for these orbs is endless! They can be placed almost anywhere, submersed in water, or hung from above.

2) LED lights are extremely versatile and can be used in fun, contemporary ways. Pair them with sea glass or other clear, decorative rocks to create unique, glowing statement pieces and make floral displays light up from within. We even submerge them in water! They are a great investment at about $2 a piece. You can find them at craft stores or online at Amazon.com. They can last up to 72 hours and their batteries are replaceable, making them a “greener” option. The best part: cleanup is a breeze because you won’t be stuck cleaning out candle wax at the end of the night!

3) For a futuristic look, acrylic rods in bright, fluorescent colors are a fun substitute for fresh flowers. We use acrylics to combine function and fashion. And as an added bonus: they are reusable! They are durable, lightweight, and designed to reflect light to produce a colorful glow which can be intensified with LED lights. Lucite trays are much more cost-effective than their crystal counterparts and can be used to jazz up any presentation, whether you are serving up your favorite cocktails or showcasing a fabulous pair of shoes.

Whatever the occasion, the opportunities to dazzle your guests are limitless. Almost anything can be used to add fun and panache to your event décor. All you need is your imagination to transform your event into a work of art!

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