Friday, September 9, 2011

Is Chivalry Dead?

I might be a bit of a traditionalist or perhaps it's the way I was raised by my parents, but I was always taught to open doors for the ladies, let them go first and respect woman without objectifying them.  So it absolutely pains me to watch grooms, groomsmen and the like forget their chivalric manners especially at a wedding.

Gentlemen, if you are in the bridal party, remember all eyes are on you, especially the groom!  Now I know most men (other than myself) don’t know what to do with the train of a dress or a cathedral length veil.  They act like it's going to come to life and strangle them like python.  Gentlemen, it's fabric and quite harmless.  As the man and the husband it's your duty to help your bride walk around and it is really quite simple.  Lift the train of the dress so it doesn't drag in the dirt and always let her go first so she can set the pace.  Remember she can't see her feet and the last thing she wants to do is perform a swan dive in the ballroom.  Also, remember to open the door for her whether it be at the church, the limo or the ballroom…you’re the groom, her husband so be a gentleman even if it's for one day.

Planners are like flies on a wall, we see and hear everything.  So you might want to think twice about high fiving your best man while telling him your bride looks hot and you can't wait to score tonight.  I swear on the man upstairs I heard that in the men's room at one wedding I was planning a few years back.  This is your wife you're talking about so you might want to keep those comments to yourself.

It also irritates me to watch the groom hang by the bar or with his "buddies" all night.  Guy's remember, this is your Big Day too and as the groom you're the host of the party.  Always stick close to your bride.  The last thing you want to do is miss an important speech dedicated to you because you were outside having a cigar.

And Best Men, remember, when giving toasts try to keep it clean…the last thing you want to do is speak of the grooms sexual escapades in college and tell all 200 guests he was a womanizer until he met his now wife.  Remember, Mom and Grandma are there.  Although it might be funny to you it could be offensive to some of the ladies (including the bride).  It's best to keep it short and sweet and tell those "tales out of church" at the bachelor party.

I know it seems like I'm bashing the men, but I think it's due time the gentlemen make a bit of a resurgence.  It's take little energy and in the end you'll feel good about yourself while making your wife look and feel good too.

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