Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Repurposing Holiday Decor for New Year's Entertaining

I had the honor of appearing on FOX News Live online today and it was so much fun interacting with Jonathan…he really gets into the segments and makes them so much fun!

Today's segment was all about repurposing your holiday décor for New Years entertaining.  With everyone's crazy schedules and tighter wallets who wants to spend the time or money decorating twice during the holiday season?

Therefore I have a few tips to help you change and spruce up your décor for your New Years Eve party!

First - start with the invite: has some amazing invites and if you haven't sent out those holiday greeting cards yet take a look at their site.  They have hundreds of amazingly affordable cards, invites, gifts and more!

Here we have a bright and festive invite that counts you down to New Years and the placemat that can be monogrammed with your initials all from  These simple touches can go a long way when decorating for the holidays and the best part is the placemat can be reused for other holidays!

I don't know about you, but when I decorate for the holiday I want my décor to reflect both holidays and a great way to do this is to take a wreath (I purchased it from and transition it from Christmas to New Years.  I removed the Tartan ribbon, gold drums and berries and added my own silver and white ornaments I had left over from last year.  I then took baby's breath in clusters and added that to the wreath for a wintery feel.  With left over ribbon from gifts I received, I added an accent for hanging and voila I quickly, easily and with little money repurposed the wreath for New Years!  It's that easy!

I always have people asking for new and inventive ways to decorate…I took a variety of mismatched glasses from my cabinets and created candle holders.  And to add a little texture and "bling" I used my left over Christmas cookie decorating beads and sugar in the bottom of each glass.  Again, it's simple and easy and super budget friendly!
And finally instead of the typical red cosmo I used a white cosmo with silver sanding sugar.  It's different and fun and your guests will appreciate it!

Remember when entertaining this holiday is doesn't have to be stressful or complicated.  Keep it simple…create a list and a budget and you should do just fine.

Merry and Happy Everything!


PS:  To see the full clip on Fox News click on the following link.

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