Thursday, June 7, 2012

A great find in Laguardia, Spain

As many of you have read in recent posts on Facebook and Twitter, I recently had the privilege of producing and designing a wedding in the wine country of Northern Spain.  The experience was so special that I will be devoting several blog posts to this destination wedding, giving you some insight into not only the wedding but into this beautiful region of Spain.

I want to start by introducing you to a great hotel and restaurant that I experienced in the medieval walled city of Laguardia.  As Laguardia was very close to the wedding venue I had several chances to visit and experience the charm of the town and the warmth of the people.  Unfortunately, it was not until the last visit that I was introduced to Hospederia de Los Parajes, a charming hotel with an amazing restaurant in the center of town.
Thanks to the recommendation of Yolanda, our wonderful Maitre d' in the wine bar of the Hotel Marques de Riscal, we made reservations for dinner at Los Parajes.  Upon arriving we were warmly greeted by the restaurant owner who proceeded to give us the grand tour of the facilities which she was rightly very proud of.  Unfortunately, she spoke only Spanish, and my high school Spanish is a bit lacking, so we enlisted the help of our amazing colleague Ana Belen Pedrero who served as the translator.  Our tour took us through not only the hotel, restaurant and a gift shop that should not be missed, but also the 15th century wine vaults that are located beneath the hotel and continue under the town square. It was fascinating!
We finished the tour with a spectacular meal in the town square as the sun was setting and the people of the town were enjoying a warm, beautiful evening.  Truly a one of a kind experience in a magical place.  
So if you ever happen to be in this area of Spain, or are planning a destination wedding, I definitely recommend Hospederia de Los Parajes as a great hotel for guests and a perfect venue for a rehearsal or welcome dinner. 

I have so much more to share and cannot wait to write the next blog about all of my experiences planning the destination wedding in Spain.

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