Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Update on my own wedding planning!

About a year ago I wrote a blog "How is a wedding planner to plan his own wedding" and said I would chronicle how I am going to plan my (our) own wedding. Since then little has been written or documented largely in part to the fact that my partner and I truly did not know what we wanted to do for our wedding.  You know the saying "doctors make the worse patients"?  Well that's us!  We’ve been so focused on everyone else that we put our wedding on the back burner.

Until Sunday when we finally sat down and discussed the what, the when and the where!  Kids, we have a break through!  Michael and I have set a date!

We know where we want to have the wedding, we know when we want to have the wedding and like ripping a band aid off we took to our guest list like a birthday kid to cake!

So now that we've made this huge step we will continue to keep you up to date over the course of our planning the wedding.

Stay tuned because this wedding planning thing is going to get interesting!

Until next time -


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  1. No matter the when or where - I am sure it will be fabulous just because of the WHO!!! Congrats to both of you - look forward to all the fun details!