Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Enjoy Your Engagement!

Since the Holidays are a big time for engagements I thought it would be a good time to share some advice for newly engaged couples.  I see so many couples rush through their engagement to the wedding and not enjoy this special time with each other. This is a big Rabidon't!

Let me start with a simple tip, hold off on telling everyone your good news.  This is the perfect opportunity to take the time to quietly enjoy your engagement with your fiancé: things might seem calm now, but before you know it you’re going to get caught up in the tornado you call wedding planning.  Take a few moments to also enjoy time with your immediate family and a few close friends before unnecessary wedding questions, ideas, and pressure arise from Aunt Ida.  While her intentions are always from the heart there are many components she and others will want to talk to you about such as date, time, colors, location, and who to invite.  These thoughts can often overwhelm you and in the end take away the enjoyment of your engagement.

As you begin to plan your big day your schedules are going to fill up quickly with wedding appointments.  Therefore I like to recommend a few activities for you to do when you first get engaged. The purpose of these activities is to create memories, ease unwanted stress, and open the lines of communication.

Some of my favorite engagement ideas are:
Weekend getaway
Day at the Spa
Horse Back Riding
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Cooking Class
Pottery Class
Create a time capsule that reflects the date you got engaged
Day at the beach

By taking a brief amount of time to quietly enjoy your engagement you are allowing yourself a little bit of calm before the wedding bliss storm.

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