Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rabidos and Rabidon'ts for Holiday cards and invitations

This morning I had so much fun on The Better Show talking about the Rabido's and Rabidon'ts for sending out Christmas and Holiday cards this season.  You can see a clip from the show by clicking on this link:  Shawn on Better TV

So many people love to send out photo cards.  There are plenty of great sites like or that you can use to produce your cards, but there are a few do's and don'ts when sending your photo cards.

Rabido - When making a photo card, be sure all the subjects in the picture are on different levels.  This will create depth and the varying height will make the photo more exciting!

Rabidon't - Don't force anyone into strange poses or positions!  You want everyone to look natural.  When they do, everyone in the photos will look fabulous!

Rabido - While you don't want everyone in the same sweater (no ugly sweaters here), you do want everyone to coordinate.  So make sure you choose a base color that coordinates.  And have fun!  Use ski hats or scarves as accents.

Rabidon't - While it's okay to dress up your pets (come on, it makes them look that much cuter) it's not okay for people to play dress up for your holiday card.  Save that for Halloween!

Rabido - Use props!  Have fun!  Spell out your family name with giant letters, or spell out words like "JOY", "NOEL".

Rabidon't - We all have them, but don't use your phone to take your holiday photo!  Use a good camera or get a friend to take the picture for.  No selfies here!

Rabido - Do make sure you have good natural light!  Using natural light will literally make your photos shine!

Rabidon't - Don't stress if you don't have time to mail your cards!  There are plenty of sites where you can upload your image, create your greeting and email it to your friends.  And some are even free like  Although I would use this method as a last resort, it's not necessarily a Rabidon't because no one should stress over sending holiday cards. The holidays can be stressful enough!

Rabido - Get the kids involved!  If photo cards aren't your thing, get the kids to create cards.  There are plenty of DIY kits you can purchase.  Have your kids put the cards together with stickers, strings, ribbons and decals and then have the family sign and send.  It's a great way to personalize your cards.

Rabidon't - Don't stress this holiday season!  If you don't have time to send your cards wishing your family and friends a Joyous Holiday Season, then send them a card in January wishing them a Healthy and Prosperous 2014!  I'll bet you might even get a few good after Christmas sales too!

Rabido - Do look for the Shawn Rabideau Stationery line Christmas cards and all on sale now at  Simply type Shawn Rabideau Christmas in the search field on the site and you'll find all my current designs.

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