Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thinking warm thoughts

With the exception of one friend, who is happiest when it is cold and snowing, everyone I know is pretty much over all of the nasty weather we have had this winter.  I thought this would be the perfect time to share some photos from random Summertime events so we can all think about what we have to look forward to.    Enjoy!

This first set is from an anniversary party I produced and designed in Westchester.  I love the bright colors and thought of a poolside party.

Still poolside, and with more bright colors, I have always loved how fun and cheerful this birthday party was for all of the guests.

Who doesn't love an outdoor clambake.  I had so much fun setting this party up for 13WHAM in Rochester.  Look closely at the photos as there are a lot of great, simple ideas for a Summer party.  It's not to early to start planning!

What is better than a garden wedding on a sunny Summer day?  Enjoy these photos take at Caramoor Garden.  I love this venue and am excited to be working there again this Summer.

I love the simplicity of this garden party in Westchester.  It was a great gathering on a beautiful day in June.

And finally I have to share this wonderful image from the top of Jade Mountain looking over the Pitons.  We had the privilege of planning a wedding there and I really wish I was back in that warmth now!

I hope you are thinking warm thoughts and enjoying the thought of better weather.


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