Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Setting the pace when planning your wedding

So frequently my clients ask me about timing for planning their wedding.  While I have a timeline that I give out as a guide, the truth is that how fast you get everything done depends on you. I have found that some of my couples work well at a fast pace while others need time to process information and can't be rushed.Sometimes couples are a year out from their wedding and want to plan everything in six weeks.  While this is possible,  it can be potentially stressful. 

A great example is a client who was a destination bride.  She was determined to get everything planned over a 2 day trip.  After I made all of the appointments and we finished 2 packed days of appointments she went radio silent for weeks.  When she finally did contact me she told me that after the visit she had a meltdown.  It was too much information for her to process so she had to take time out from planning to let everything sink in.  So while it was possible to get all of the planning done quickly, this took some of the joy out of the process for her.

Therefore, before you even pick the wedding date, you need to decide what pace you will be comfortable with for planning your wedding.  To help you decide the pace that is right for you I have a few Rabidos and Rabidon'ts to help you through the process.

Rabido - I always tell my clients to "Prioritize your Priorities".  Discuss with your fiance what you must have and what is secondary.  This will help you prioritize key components of your wedding making the final decisions easier and less time consuming.

Rabidon't - Never let friends and family dictate your timeline.  What worked for them may not work for you.  As I said, every couple works at their own pace and only you will know what is right for you.

Rabido - Have fun with the process.  If you are pushing so hard that the planning becomes stressful you are not doing yourself any favors.  I always tell my couples that the whole time leading up to the wedding should be one that they remember fondly.

Rabidon't - Plan your meetings with vendors wisely.  Do not waste your time or theirs by meeting before you are ready to commit.  Do a quick phone interview to see if they may be the right fit before even setting up a meeting.

I cannot stress enough that planning a wedding should not be stressful.  Take your time, select vendors whose personality works with yours, make decisions that are right for you, not based on what family and friends think you should do, and relax.  Just focus on the perfect wedding day ahead of you.

Too happy wedding planning for everyone and ...


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