Monday, February 9, 2015

Featured Vendor - Hopkins Studios of Savannah, Georgia

One focus I want to make on my blog in the coming year is to feature some of the wonderful vendors and venues we work with.  Given that we have worked with so many great vendors it will take time for us to present all of their work but I will do my best.  I want to start by featuring a great photography team I have worked with in the Savannah and Charleston area, Scott and Melissa Hopkins.

Hopkins Studio is a husband and wife photography team who are blazing their way through the Low Country.  I wanted to know more about what makes them tick and how they've become so successful.  I also wanted to know how they've been able to lead the way in the southern wedding market, so I sat down with them to find out more about them.

SR - Scott and Melissa, tell me a little about how Hopkins Studio's came to be?
HS - Scott started the company in 2004 after years of working in the photo industry and as a nature photographer. In 2009, Melissa joined on full time with Scott and we made their moved south away from the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia.

SR - As artists and photographers what would you say sets you apart from other photographers.
HS - We try to make everything as easy and as relaxed as possible for our couples. We want our couples to enjoy the day with their families and friends, so when we need them, we work quickly and get them back to the party as soon as we can.

SR - How would you describe your shooting style?
HS -Our approach is primarily documentary. We do not want the day to be one long photoshoot for our couples. We concentrate on the moments that make up the day, how can we frame them in an interesting way, how can we use the light to make it dramatic.

 SR - What are some of your favorite locations to shoot?  Either for an engagement session, a wedding or just for family shots. 
HS -The one of the best things about living and working in this area is the variety of locations that we work at from wedding to wedding. One weekend we are at a historic plantation, the next on the beach and next a five star resort. Charleston and Savannah have such a rich history, visible in both their architecture and landscape, we love showing that in our images.

SR - What's the craziest and most outrageous photo(s) you've had taken?
HS - A few years ago we had a long heat wave and the ceremony and reception both took place outdoors by the club’s pool. Near the end of the reception, the wedding party and a number of the guests decided that is was time to cool down and dove into the pool, gowns and tuxes still on.

SR - What are some bridal trends that you love and some you'd like to see go away?  And what are some you'd like to see comeback or just start all together?
HS - We would love to see more couples lighting their reception, especially pin spotting their floral arrangements and the cake. A little lighting can dramatically change the appearance of a room, it gives it life and depth. We would also love to see a more modern take on the vintage, southern wedding that is popular in this area.

SR - What are a few things brides should ask when looking for a photographer?  What do you want them to know when shopping for photographers?  What a few things brides should ask that they don’t?
HS -It is important for a couple to see an entire recent wedding from any photographer they are considering. Seeing that final collection of images should give you a good idea the images you can expect from your own wedding. Good photographs are timeless, avoid the trends and fads that pop up from season to season.

SR - Any advice for brides and grooms during the planning process?
HS -We highly recommend hiring a planner who can help you bring your vision to life. They have the experience handling all of the little details that you may not think of. Also, work with vendors that you like and that are the best fit for you.

SR - What's the best possible advice you can give to a couple on their wedding day?
HS -Relax and enjoy the day because it goes by quick!

SR - From a photography prospective what are some do's and don'ts brides should keep in mind when planning out their hair and makeup on their wedding day?
HS - Keep it natural and look like yourself. Keep it light around your eyes as smoky eyes tend to appear very dark in photos and it can be hard to see your eyes.  Also keep in mind the level of touch ups you will need to keep you looking your best throughout the day.

SR - How can brides and grooms find you? Please list all social media
HS - 

I hope you have enjoyed this insight into the work of Scott and Melissa as well as the wonderful images of their work that they shared here.

Until the next featured vendor...


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