Friday, April 4, 2014

Escort Card Advice

Over the course of the past 15 years I've seen thousands of escort cards.  Today's post is about organizing your list and cards.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen guest lists that are a disorganized mess, which only leads to the escort cards ending up in the same fashion.

The general rule is to first start your guest list in an excel spreadsheet.  Check out my previous blog post for a sample.

Don't do the list in word or some other format.  Excel allows you to sort and organize when you start your table assignments.  Create a column for the salutation, first name, last name, guest first name, address and so on.  Later on you can then add a column for table, gifts, etc.

Rabidon't - don't put all the information in one cell. For example don't put the husband and wife's name in one cell for first name.  Each should have their own cell.

When creating your escort cards, remember it should read "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith".  If there's more than one John Smith include middle initials.  Also keep in mind that each guest does not get their own escort card.  If they were invited together they get seated together. 

Rabido - Don't include nick names when addressing your envelopes or escort cards.  Your wedding is a formal affair and your all your salutations should be formal as well.

I always like to do an escort card with an envelope rather than a tented card.  The reason; you can remove the card (that has the table assignment) and switch it around should you need to make last minute changes.  If you do a tented card, all the information (name and table assignment) are printed and you would have to reprint the entire card, and no one wants to have to do that hours before the wedding.  And what's worse, if everything is printed and one is hand written, it makes that guest feel less special.

And finally, I can't stress this enough, alphabetize your escort cards before giving them to your venue, caterer or even planner.  No one wants to spend hours alphabetizing because you didn't take the time.

Also it's a good idea to give your venue, caterer and planner an alphabetized list, a list sorted by table number and a complete invite list (in alpha order) so that if someone RSVP'd "no" and they show up you can deal with the situation properly.

I hope this little bit of advice is helpful and until next time…


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