Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Honeymoon Advice

In my opinion gone are the days where the guests gather at the exit to the reception hall waiting with bated breath to see the bride and groom dash off to their honeymoon.  This almost (in fact never) happens!

So the question is this; why do brides and grooms feel the need to rush off to their honeymoon the morning after their wedding?

If you must rush off because you only have so much vacation time from work, choose a location that is either a 4 hour drive (or less) or a location you can get to in about a two hour flight.  Spending all your time and money to dash off to the Maldives for only 4 or 5 days in my opinion makes absolutely no sense!

If you feel you must go to a far off romantic location like the Maldives or South Africa allow at least ten days (minimum), of which four of those are going to be travel days.  I always think it makes sense for the bride and the groom to pick a reasonable location right after the honeymoon and then spend the money and time on the first anniversary to location far and remote.

Think about it; you and your groom will be entertaining all weekend.  Little sleep, the stress of the wedding and the hours partying add up and result in a very tired couple.  While airlines do give you a little congratulatory champagne, rarely do they upgrade you to business class.  If they do you're the lucky few.  So if you add being tired to the stress of trying to make a flight right after the wedding it will actually only add to the stress you've already experienced.  With that, arguments can occur, and why would you want to start a romantic honeymoon tired, irritable and angry?

I suggest you take a few days after the wedding to get everything in order.  Open gifts, cards and deposit the money.  Finish packing, doing laundry or whatever you have to do.  Sleep in and then head off on your vacation.  You'll be rested and you won't feel the stress of trying to rush to get somewhere to only try to relax.

I hope this little bit of advice helps you when planning your honeymoon.

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