Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bethenny Frankel's Book Signing!

Last night was such a treat! On my way to meet a client at Once Upon A Bride for a hair and makeup consultation, I got an email from Bethenny! A few minutes later, I walk into the salon and sitting in the chair getting all dolled up was Bethenny and her fabulous assistant Julie! What a small world! Next thing I know, hair and makeup consultation is over, and I am in the car with Bethenny and Julie on the way down to the Barnes and Noble in Tribeca for Bethenny's book signing! Man was it an experience! Over 400 people waiting in line to see Bethenny, who looked gorgeous in a bright pink strapless dress and nude Louboutin heels. It was so fun getting to meet all of Bethenny's fans who were all so sweet and even asked me for autographs! I was not prepared for this! To be honest with you I am still seeings flashbulbs from all the fans and paparazzi! This was such a surreal experience that I will most definitely never forget. 
And remember, tonight is the best night of the week because "Bethenny Getting Married?" is on Bravo at 10pm EST. The wedding is over, but there are so many more moments you don't want to miss!


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  1. Beautiful site Shawn. Nice job by the web designer and photog. Quick ques. My 22yr old was planning a wedding for Sept 26th. She ended up with an eptocpic pregnancy and a uterine cancer scare, so they put the wedding off. I stepped in and asked for the $2500 dep back. Mind you, no services were rendered. No food tasting, no discussing table/venue arrangements, nada. The owner refused unless they rebooked the venue. Seems they've done so. My ques is....

    How can they now say they will give back only a portion of the $2500? I'm ready to spit nails.

    What say you in your experience? How should I handle this? I have an atty, but want to avoid that step.

    BTW, she's healthy as she can be right now.