Friday, July 16, 2010

To answer your questions....

Hi Folks!

As promised on my Twitter and Facebook page, please find all the answers to your questions below! This is just the first round, so keep the questions coming! I would love to answer them! 

To all my Facebook friends...

Have you thought of ever using balloons or referring balloons to a client?
Although balloons make any party festive, my medium is flowers. 

Joanne: My question is: if we start a petition to Bravo for Shawn Rabideau to have his very own reality show - would you go for it?? p.s. LOVE Bethenny & Jason!!

Christopher: Shawn , who did the flowers for Bethenney's wedding ? It wasn't Ron Wendt was it?
It sure wasn't! It was me, Shawn Rabideau! Check out my portfolio here

Katie: How did you get your start?
Check out my bio by clicking here!

Dina: Will you go to Wegmans with me if you come back home to Rochester?
Seeing as Wegmans is one of my favorite places, and seeing as it is a public place, I don't think I have any concerns with you being a stalker, so sure I will go with you! Which Wegman's is your favorite? Chili is my favorite!!!

Chelsa: My biggest question for you is are you going to make any other appearances on the show? You are one of my fave characters! 

Will I be making a return? Stay tuned because Cookie is not done with me yet!

Scott: I'll be watching Shawn! Are you watching Cookie while Bethenny and Jason gone?
It is safe to say...HELL NO!

now onto twitter...

Have you designed a wedding w/the colors red and yellow? 
Not yet, but I would be open to do it because it sounds beautiful!

Any chance u can moonlight as matchmaker and find me a Jason?
Step in line sweety, step in line. But no, no mathchmaking skills here. But, I will get you Patti Stanger's number

Are you really truly not related to Buster Bluth? (ps - awesome wedding you pulled off!)
First of all, his name is not Buster. It is Tony Hale. And although flattering, no, I truly am not related to him. 

Here are some other frequently asked questions....

Why did I not have Bethenny taste the cake?
Because she was out of town and a full week would go by from the cake tasting from when I would see her again. So I would rather her not taste the cake than taste a stale cake.

How did I get the Four Seasons?
I honestly do not know. They called me one day and said, the day is available do you want it? and of course, I said YES!

How do I break into wedding planning?
My best piece of advice to all of you out there who want to get into the wedding planning industry, is to call or stop into a wedding planning business in your home town, and ask them if you can help out at an event for free and shadow them. That way, you can see what it is really like to put on an event and who knows, may turn into a job opportunity!

Well that's it for now! I hope you all got the answers you were looking for. 
Until next time, 



  1. LOL at your response to the balloon question. Classy way to say HELL No (and agreed!)

  2. Shawn,
    I would SOOOO vote for you to have a reality show of your own! You were totally engaging on BGM! As an Interior Designer, I'm totally in love with event design as well! Great work, Shawn!

  3. This is awesome, so glad I came across your blog. I follow you on twitter but didn't notice any blog related tweets! We all love you on WW is it Anyway, and Bethenny!! Thank you for touching on the Tony Hale situation, I'm sure many of us were beside ourselves with curiosity. I just can't get enough of you! You are so fun to watch and have such great style, we would all LOVE to watch a Sean show!! Let's help it trend so BRAVO sees the support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!