Thursday, April 21, 2011

Minimergency Kits!

Many of you were interested in finding out what we have in our emergency kit here at Shawn Rabideau Events & Design....but I also want to share with you these amazing little "minimergency" kits from Ms.& Mrs. !

"For a bride's tiny troubles" these kits are perfect to give to everyone in your bridal party! This little kit is stocked with 20 essentials by Ms. & Mrs. The 20 "must-haves" include lip balm, dental floss, breath freshener, emery board, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, hair spray, clear elastics, earing backs, stain remover, double sided tape, mending kit, deodorant towelette, adhesive bandage, tampon, pain reliever, blotting tissues, facial tissue, bobby pins, antacid, and even extra wedding bands! Can you believe they fit all of that in this tiny, not to mention extremely cute, leather zip up bag! You can choose from silver, gold, blue, or pink.....there is one for everyone! And what's even cooler than how tiny the kit their tiny price of only $16! Can't beat that!

Ms. & Mrs. also makes "minimergency" kits for the groom and his guys which comes in this ultra-sleek aluminum box! This "groom"-ing kit contains 15 essentials including lip balm, dental floss, breath freshener, stain remover, mending kit, safety pin, extra buttons, shoe shine towelette, nail clipper, deodorant towelette, adhesive bandage, pain reliever, antacid, boutonniere pin, and extra wedding bands.Only $12!

Check out the Ms. & Mrs. website here to see the rest of their amazing products including Mother of Bride and Mother of Groom survival kits. This company is so creative I just can't get enough of them! And after the wedding, if you need a few refills you can order those too! These kits are good to carry even after the big day has come to an end.


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