Friday, April 29, 2011

More Royal Wedding!

Below are some more of my thoughts as I watched the Royal Wedding this morning.....Enjoy!

As I sit watch the guests arriving I can’t help but remember watching the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer back in 1981.  That was a wedding that was filled with the utmost pomp and circumstance where no expense was spared…so much has changed since then, the economy, war, trends, styles and much more.

Therefore it’s no wonder this wedding is a bit different.  The pomp and circumstance have been toned down.  By all accounts this wedding seems just as flashy and expensive; but indeed it is not and it is much more subdued, yet regal and royal.

For instance the fact the Royal Family chose a morning wedding makes it much less formal and therefore less costly.  One doesn’t need to deck the church from nave to steeple in floral especially when you have a venue such as Westminster Abbey where very little décor is needed.  However, the trees with the lush lily of the valley are not inexpensive, but add a regal royal touch.  Placing expensive blooms in key areas is always a great tip especially for a bride on a budget.

Catherine’s dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen is clean, simple and elegant with its lace overlay, sleek lines and simple veil.  Being much simpler than Princess Diana’s dress makes this wedding ceremony far less formal yet not any less special.

And let’s not forget the guests’ attire; military dress, morning coat or lounge suite for the men and for the ladies dresses with sleeves a must and a stylish hat or fascinator will style the dress without making it too stuffy.

The largest expense isn’t necessarily the less formal and less costly reception where canapés and champagne will be served, but rather thirty two million dollars in security is the largest part of today’s royal nuptials.  For my clients security is rarely needed and therefore almost never a part of the budget. 

So although it seems this wedding is over the top with pomp and circumstance it certainly is far less expensive than some think, but not any less regal or royal in nature.

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And here I talk about Catherine's beautiful dress....

The biggest question leading up to the Royal Wedding has been who will Catherine Middleton be wearing…what will THE dress look like?

I had the honor of attending many show’s during Bridal Fashion Week and when I walked into the Priscilla of Boston showcase one dress stood out, it was adorned in lace and I immediately said to myself THAT is the dress she will wear.  She did not actually wear Priscilla of Boston but rather a dress designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Catherine Middleton’s dress was nothing short of Princess like; it was indeed a fairy tale design. Perfectly tailored, adorned in lace with no doubt hand sewn detail in essence it was sophisticated, elegant, chic and certainly a trend setter.

Some have said they are disappointed her dress was rather plain compared to Princess Diana’s.  We should not forget this is NOT 1981 where silk, satin and flouncy sleeves were in style.  We should also not forget Catherine is not trying to be Diana.  Catherine is her own woman who is graceful and elegant.  And one thing is for sure she will be a positive trendsetter among so many horrible fashion trends currently out there.

I see her bringing class and classic back in an era of tacky and tasteless.

And as far as Pippa’s dress; that too is beyond words.  It was one of the most classic and beautiful bridesmaids dresses I have seen in a very long time.  And what with the color?  I thought the choice was splendid and in no way did it take away from Catherine.

I do believe we will see a positive turn in wedding fashion and that’s something I am excited for!

Odd Andersen/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

All of this can be found on The New York Times blog....check it out here!


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