Thursday, October 17, 2013

A 40th Birthday under the "Big Top"

I noticed over the last few months I have not had many blog posts featuring events.  We have been really busy with many great, weddings, birthdays and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs over the Summer so I have some catching up to do!  I want to start by sharing a surprise 40th birthday party I planned and designed for a client's wife.  As you will see it was a really spectacular party that went off without a hitch despite some real challenges in the planning process, the first of which was how to erect a 3,500 square foot tent over the pool in our client's back yard.

It took a full week for the crew from Stamford Tent to construct the tent and get it ready for me to create the Las Vegas feel that my client wanted for the party.

With the tent complete, I began the task of creating the atmosphere that my client wanted for this event.  Since a key aspect had to be entertainment, I brought in On the Move Entertainment to help me in creating the perfect feel.  What better way to set the stage for a Las Vegas theme then to line the entrance with showgirls.  On the Move provided gorgeous costumed girls to wow the guests as they came through the covered marquee to the main event.

When guests entered the tent they were truly wowed by the spectacular scene I created around the pool.  Their first stop was the flower wall I installed under the existing pergola. I created the perfect setting for guest photos using this 8 foot wall as the backdrop and accenting it with draped organza and oversized vases dripping with fuscia and white phalaenopsis orchids.  It was a stunning way for guests to start their evening.

Throughout the room I used different, fun elements to create a spectacular overall look.  I brought in unique furniture pieces including chairs internally lit with LED lighting to give them a bright pink glow and some great lounge chairs that I used to create individual vignettes around the room.  

As you can see, the overall look inside the tent was really something to behold.  By filling the pool with 60,000 ping pong balls we actually created a screen that was used for the ever changing light show that was taking place around the tent.  This, combined with the LED lights in the furniture and the sparkling payette linens I used on the tables, certainly gave the room the Las Vegas feel our client wanted.

While the atmosphere was spectacular, we also needed great food and entertainment to make the party complete.  For the food, we chose The Brownstone to bring in a true feast.  From a wonderful seafood buffet to selections of pasta, sushi and meats, there was no possible way for a guest to go hungry at this party.

Of course, no birthday is complete without a cake.  For this party I brought in the wonderful cake artists at Pink Cake Box who really outdid themselves.  I love the way they added the LED lights and sugar orchids into the cake design as the perfect compliment to my decor.  Definitely a job well done.

As I mentioned, the other key to a great event is entertainment.  Not only did On the Move bring in a great band and showgirls, we had continual entertainment throughout the evening with some amazing performances.  One of my favorite was Bubble Girl who acted as a sort of contortionist while in her sealed bubble in the pool.  Certainly a unique experience.

Of course, we could not stop at Bubble Girl.  As a special treat we brought in the renown synchronized swimming company, the Aqualillies.  This was another show stopper as these talented ladies amazed guests with their skills in the pool.

As if all of this was not enough, we brought in a truly talented illusionist to keep guests entertained throughout the evening and treated men, and some women, to hand rolled cigars. Just as there was plenty of food, there was also continual entertainment so there was never a slow moment at this party.

As thrilled as I was with how this party came together, the only thing that really matters is a happy client and guest of honor.  The birthday girl was truly thrilled with the results of her party making for a happy husband.  

I do want to give special thanks for all of the amazing vendors who worked diligently to pull this together and to the talented work of Jennifer and Charles at Maring Visuals for capturing everything on camera.

Until the next Happy Birthday.


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