Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Design of the week - Notably Happy

I was so excited last week that, in addition to Thanksgiving, my family celebrated an early Christmas since we were all together.  You know what that means?  My Christmas shopping is done!  What a relief.

However, I know that most of you are in full swing with your Holiday shopping so this week I wanted to share some designs that make perfect gifts.

Some people say that e-mail and texts are doing away with hand written cards but I totally disagree.  I love sending and receiving personal cards and thank yous in the mail.  It is much better than just receiving bills and it shows that the person on the other end cares enough to take the extra time to send a personal greeting.  In fact, I am seeing a resurgence in these personal notes.

That is why I am so proud of my "Notables" collections and the note cards that are available on FineStationery.com.  Take for example the "Notably Happy" boxed set shown below.

The collection features 4 different colorful note cards with my favorite sayings such as "Big Hugs", "Cheers", "Tickled Pink" and "Love and Friends".  Each note card comes with a coordinating lined envelope.  It is really a great gift.

In addition to the notables I have a large collection of individual note cards such as the "Ruth" and "Rachael Christine" flat cards shown below.  

I really like the delicate lace look in the "Ruth" card which was inspired by my Grandmother and "Rachael Christine" has the vibrant, sassy feel that reminds me of my niece Rachael.  The cards can come with matching lined envelopes and can be customized to make a great gifts.

There are many more options in the line and more to come so keep watching for new and exciting patterns.

Best to all of you for a great holiday shopping season.


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