Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lending a helping hand to the victims of Hurricane Sandy

As you all know, the Northeast has been devastated by the recent Hurricane.  I have to admit that I have been very fortunate in not having suffered the way that so many friends, colleagues and businesses have as a result of this storm.  The one bright note in all of this is how so many people and businesses are rallying to the aid of those who have suffered and are still facing incredible hardship.

Today I want to direct you to a wonderful fundraising effort being conducted by some midtown restaurants to help other restaurants and their employees who have been impacted by the storm. 

One of my absolute favorite places in New York, Ardesia Wine Bar located at 510 West 52nd Street (just west of Tenth Avenue) in Manhattan is participating in the fundraising effort.  Below you will see the specials they are offering to raise money for the victims of the Hurricane.  I encourage you to stop in and support their effort.  It is for a great cause and their food and wine are exceptional so it is a win/win.

"A rising tide lifts all boats" – John F. Kennedy provides an opportunity for restaurant professionals and guests to help restaurants and food service employees who were affected by the recent storm, flood, and power outage.
Thousands of downtown New York restaurants were literally shut down by Hurricane Sandy, resulting in major losses, including wages that their employees count on to live. As such, for the next week, Ardesia will be raising funds to help the downtown restaurant community get back on their feet.
Here are three ways you can help us help them:
From Wednesday, November 7th- Wednesday November 14th 100% of the sales of our homemade soft pretzels will be donated to a downtown restaurant in need via
From Wednesday, November 7th- Wednesday November 14th, our employees have offered to donate a portion of their gratuities to the downtown restaurant workers who lost their week’s wages. So please, be nice and tip big!
On Tuesday, November 13th, from 6-9pm we will hold an Around the World Tasting. For $30, we will take you on a tasting tour of 6 of our favorite wines from around the world. 100% of sales from the tasting will be donated to a downtown restaurant in need via

Again, we encourage everyone to support the effort to help those impacted by this disaster.


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