Monday, January 20, 2014

Time to pick the cake

We have been a bit slow in the planning process for our wedding this Fall.  I relate it to the saying, "Doctors make the worst patients."  As a planner it really is hard to plan for myself.  

That said, we are making progress.  A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to hold a tasting with Anne at Pink Cake Box.  She has done some wonderful cakes for our clients in the past and I thought she would be prefect for the cake we want.  During the tasting we spoke with her about ideas for the cake and some things we want to incorporate.  Our dogs, Schylar and Trevor were discussed along with how we like to wind down at the end of any event with a vodka.  Another idea we had was to incorporate the designs from my stationery line, specifically the "Shawn" and "Michael" designs into the cake.  

Well, we just received the sketches and are so excited that I want to share them with you.  Take a look at the three great options Anne created and let us know which one you prefer.  

Cake 1

Cake 2

Cake 3

We love all of the designs and the creativity.  This will be a tough choice.

Enjoy and ....



  1. I love the lines of #1, Yours eyes are attracted first to the top and the design just draws effortlessly downward. It flows gracefully. #2 is to busy, #3 reminds me of a sheet cake. Remember these are my opinions, Shawn its your and Michael's wedding! What you like is what you should go with. Do not worry about what others think. I have complete confidence that it will be spectacular! Are you having a grooms cake?

  2. No 1, I like the clean lines and my eye was drawn top to bottom. Love the lines on the white parts.

  3. I'm popping over from twitter after seeing Pink Cake Box's link. I love each design, in the end you can't go wrong.
    That being said, design #1 is the one that pops for me, I love the lines and the toppers.
    Congratulations on your wedding and best of luck.

  4. I think the first one is pretty fabulous! Cute and fun, but still traditional.

  5. #1 is most elegant for a classy wedding!

  6. #1 it's eye catching but not to overwhelming and very elegant

  7. I like #1 but think #2 is best because it subtly pays homage to your spirit of choice for R&R w/o featuring it as if it was the star of the day and not you gents. I really would like to see you to grooms with the pups at the top but I am a bit more traditional. # 3 is very cute with the dogs helping pour you two drinks but again it features the vodka more than you. Now that I think of it what if the subject of #3 was the top of #1? :)

  8. #1 is perfect. Wish I COULD enjoy! Bet it will be beautiful AND delicious!

  9. #1 simple, clean and elegant. Love that you are including your pups!