Wednesday, January 8, 2014

You've filled out the Wedding Questionnaire, what's next?

Last week I posted the Wedding Questionnaire for newly engaged couples to help them get started planning their wedding.  So, what's the next step?

Rabido - Bring family members (from both sides) together under one roof.

Let the family members get to know each other.  I often recommend a family dinner or cocktail party.  As we know, if anyone is going to throw a wrench in the wedding plans or cause issues it's most likely to be parents, siblings or grandparents.  

Rabido - Set up the gathering on neutral territory.

Cook dinner at your place or go to a restaurant.  Let everyone know there will be no wedding chatter until after the main course.  This will allow everyone to get to know each other and ease any pre-gathering tension.  A nice bottle of wine or a few cocktails can loosen them up and warm them to the idea that you are setting the pace.  

Rabidon't - Don't let anyone over indulge.

After everyone has eaten will be the perfect time to begin the discussion and set the expectations you have for your wedding.  Nothing should be off the table and welcome all ideas.  Take them in, soak them up.  You should consider everyone's opinion and allow them to feel as if their ideas are welcome and appreciated.

Once you've set the pace, outlined expectations and taken into consideration everyone's feelings you can set out on planning your wedding knowing there are no secrets.  No secrets means reduced stress and every bride and groom could use that!

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