Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wedding Questionnaire

Having just come through the holidays, which we know is a huge time for engagements, I will be sharing some valuable wedding planning information in the next few blog posts.  I know the wedding planning process can be daunting so I would like to offer some advice and tools to help ease the stress.  

I am starting with a questionnaire that I find helpful to organize all pertinent wedding details in one place.  I find it useful when I meet with a Bride and Groom to start organizing all the details of their wedding.

Rabido: If you and your fiancé are getting bogged down or overwhelmed by the questions, table wedding talk for at least 24 hours. This will allow you to pick up again with a fresh perspective.

Best of luck to all of the newly engaged couples!

Wedding Date :_____________________________
Wedding Time :_____________________________
Wedding Location:___________________________
Reception Location:__________________________
Preferred Ceremony Venue____________________
Church / Synagogue / Hotel / Outdoor /
Preferred Reception Venue____________________
Beach / Country Club / Hotel / Tent / Etc

Reception Time:_______________________________
Total number of guests attending reception:__________
Number of guests attending, by age group:
5-18 ______ 19-25 ______ 26-55 ______Over 55 ____

Point of Contact the Week Of Wedding______________

Wedding Theme / Look___________________________
Color Scheme___________________________________
Semi-Casual / Semi-Formal / Formal / Other__________­_­­­
All Inclusive Wedding Budget Range________________

Members of the Wedding party:
Grandparents of bride____________________________
Grandparents of groom___________________________
Mother of the bride______________________________
Father of the bride_______________________________
Mother of the groom_____________________________
Father of the groom______________________________
Any divorces or step parents?______________________
Sisters / Brothers of Bride_________________________
Sisters / Brothers of Groom________________________
Will children be invited? Nieces / Nephews?__________

Bridesmaids & Ushers / Groomsmen
Flowergirl & Ringbearer
Matron or Maid of Honor & Best Man

How you would like to be introduced
Mr. And Mrs. John Hunter,
John and Paige Hunter, etc.

Will there be a toast? __Yes __No
If so, by whom? ________________________________
Will there be a blessing? __Yes __No
If so, by whom?_________________________________
Background music style for dinner and cocktails:
__ Classical __ Jazz __ Love Songs
__ Piano (George Winston) __ New Age
Cake Cutting __Yes __No
Dollar Dance __Yes __No
Garter and Bouquet __Yes __No
Any other special dances___________________________
First dance (Bride & Groom) __Yes __No
Song, Title and Artist____________________________
Bride and Father __Yes __No
Song: Title and Artist_____________________________
Groom and Mother __Yes __No
Song: Title and Artist_____________________________
Wedding Party/Parents __Yes __No
Song: Title and Artist_____________________________
Dance music preference __ 1950s __ 1960s __1970s
__1980s __1990s __Top 40 __Dance (Techno, House, Hip-Hop)
__ Motown __ Country __ Big Band/ Swing __ Rock & Roll
__ Reggae __ Disco
Specific Music Requests__________________________

Will Bride & Groom see each
other before ceremony? ___________________________
Photos of the Bride getting ready____________________

Photos of the Groom getting ready___________________

Photos of the Wedding Party________________________

Group Photos of Groomsmen________________________

Group Photos of Bridesmaids_________________________

When will the portraits be done________________________
Before or After Ceremony____________________________
Hotel rooms needed for guests_________________________
How many_________________________________________
Connecting rooms___________________________________
Hospitality Suite____________________________________
Room for Bride & Groom_____________________________
Rooms with Cribs or Double Beds______________________

Transportation needed for the guests__________________
How many______________________________________
Transportation for Bridal Party______________________
Who are you including in this count__________________

Cake / style and flavor________________________
Grooms Cake_______________________________
Signature Desserts___________________________

Cocktail style reception_______________________
Sitdown dinner______________________________
Food Stations_______________________________
Preferred food______________________________
Bar preference______________________________
Preferred libations___________________________
Cocktail food must haves_____________________
Signature Cocktail__________________________
Candy Bar________________________________
Other special ideas_________________________
After Party / Location_______________________

Save the date_______________________________
Invite Style________________________________
Escort Cards_______________________________
Menu Cards________________________________
Rehearsal Dinner Invites______________________
Thank you cards_____________________________

Rehearsal Dinner____________________________
Style / Look / Feel___________________________
How Many Guests___________________________
Who will organize___________________________

Wedding Registry Locations___________________

Engagement Party___________________________

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