Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wedding Registry Tips

As some of you may know I am planning a wedding of my own and my fiancé and I are now at the point where we are considering our wedding registry.  It's very interesting because we're both pretty established; however, there's something to be said about registering for things you might not otherwise buy for yourself.

So to make your registry life a little easier I thought I'd give you eight of my top registry tips!

Shawn’s Eight Registry Tips:

Where to Register
Once you’ve made your registry list, then you can determine where to register.  Choosing five or six stores might seem like the way to cover all of your bases, but in reality it will be confusing for your guests and too much work for you.  I recommend registering for no more than three stores.  This will help you manage your time and make shopping easier for your guests. 

Don’t Rush
Don’t try to register at all your stores in one day.  I recommend picking a store he likes, a store you like, and possibly a third.  Then plan on spending a total of two to three hours (yes it can take that long) at a store registering.  Whether it’s during the weekend or a night after work, make a date of it.  Set aside time for lunch, dinner, or catch a movie after…something that doesn’t involve weddings.  It will break up the registry process and make it fun for both of you.

Nothing’s Set In Stone
Always remember registries can be changed.  They aren’t hard and fast so if your groom likes the strange olive dish and wants to register for it, let him.  Marriage is about compromise and so is your registry.  Besides, you can always go in and delete it later.  Arguments in the store aren’t worth it! 

Three’s A Crowd
Do not shop with anyone but your fiancé.  Unless you intend for your parents and family to live with you, you shouldn’t bring them along for the ride. It’s best to leave them at home so they don’t influence your registry choices. This is about you and what you want as a couple.

I once had a mother and father of the bride go with the happy couple to do their registry: they registered for everything the mother wanted and nothing they wanted.  In the end they had a house full of presents they didn’t want and had to go back to the stores and return everything so they could shop on their own.  It was the biggest mistake of their wedding. 

Price Point
Register for varying price ranges.  I knew a bride who registered for only the most expensive items: high-end flatware, glass, and dinnerware.  This can be fine if all of your guests can afford it.  The problem with that bride was that her taste was far more expensive than what her guests’ wallets could afford.  In the end she received little of what she was registered for and was left to purchase most of the registry on her own.

You should be polite about what your guests can afford.  Register for a wide range of items so your guests aren’t left feeling like they need to take out a mortgage to get you a gift.

Seasonal Items
When registering ask a sales associate what is seasonal, what is new, and if anything on your list might become discontinued.  This is particularly important with anything table top because at any given time the store can discontinue your pattern or style leaving you without your favorite item.  If you want to include seasonal items on your registry make sure they are included one to three months prior to your wedding date because most seasonal items have a short shelf life in the store.

Register For More Than You Think
If you’re considering registering for a set of twelve, why not opt for a set of fourteen?  Glasses and plates may scratch and break and down the road children might hide the silverware.  You never know if you need to replace damaged items and your family can end up grow quickly.  It’s smart to register for more towels, sheets and blankets. These items tend to be expensive and wear out quickly.

Second Time Around?
I recently had a client where both the bride and groom were heading into their second marriage.  They felt funny setting up a wedding registry because they were established enough and had everything they needed.  I suggested they choose three to four of their favorite charities and ask their guests to anonymously donate to those.  This was a great way for them and their guests to help causes that were near and dear to their hearts.  

In the end the registry is about you and your new life together.  Like all things wedding make this experience about you and take your time together.  Shopping is meant to be fun and registering for your wedding is no different!

Happy planning and...


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